We have established partnerships with Bethany and Perpetual Convent High Schools in the South and with St. Theresa and Little Flower with Jesus High Schools in the North. We are flourishing and building constructive bonds.

Our qualified AFC Grassroots Coordinators, Alexander Fernandes (above right) is responsible for our North partners and Antonio Pereira (below right) operates the programmes in the South.

Both are former football players who know the anguish and glory of football and they understand the characteristics of children.

They both have a thorough understanding of the Grassroots Philosophy and age-criteria training. For, children football is all about adventure, social interaction and fun.

Their Weekly Micro-Cycles reflect various forms of “Small Sided Games” in the main and “Motor Skills’ form the secondary objectives of their sessions. Knowing the characteristics of their age groups, they are aware that the children come to play football and not listen to instructions. They are aware that their concentration spans are limited. They are more like supervisors, setting the environment in safe conditions and using appropriate equipment.

For children between the ages of 10 and 12 there are basic football challenges and ball handling skills. For those under the ages 10, different forms of “motor skill” activities form the basis of their sessions which follow up with a game of football.

Our Little Leagues (Baby Leagues) are firmly established with our school partners and are formalized with weekly games. Fixtures are set for both U10 and U12 teams with mixed teams with boys and girls. Monthly logs are produced and shared with the teams. Mixed teams are ideal because biologically they are same at this age level.

We have also harvested talent from our South partners. Asmon Viegas (Bethany CHS) and Rollan Pereira(Perpetaul CHS) are part of the in-house Academy team, Ashwin Costa, Veron Rocha, Leo Gomendes Hansel Oliveria (Bethany CHS) and Rohit Patil, Delmon Rebello and Nathan Coutino (Perpetual CHS) have been recruited for the U14 squad that are competing in the GFA League.