Manuel Rebelo

The driving force behind the formation of DempoSouza SC in the late 1960’s.
He was the man trust upon with the responsibility of handling the club’s affairs.
Having played as goalkeeper in his early days, he was no foreigner to the world of Football and eased into his new role, gracefully & with great competence. His suave dealings with players, an eye for talent & his calm demeanour, helped him recruit the best in the business, making the club a force to reckon with, in the early days of its presence.

Vilas Sardesai

A relative of the Dempo family, the ever popular Vilas Sardesai had the license to call the shots at the club with whom he was associated with since the early seventies.
A former President of the Goa Football Association and Vice-president of the All India Football Federation, Sardesai was a ‘doer’ of the first order and was associated with several successful campaigns both on and off the field. A larger than life personality, he truly left his mark on the club.

Jose Antonio Botelho

A Dempo employee since the late 1980’s. Jose was handed charge of the team in 1996, at a time when professionalism kicked in with the launch of the National Football League.
His Time at the club would see him become a pioneer behind several initiatives, Initiatives that set the ground work, for that would later on ultimately culminate in a record number of trophies for the club & group.

Alberto Colaco

A former honorary and general secretary of the AIFF, Mr. Alberto Colaco was appointed general secretary of the club in September 2013 but soon left to assist in the formation of FC Goa, a club in which the chairman also held a stake.
Having served on the AFC and AIFF board, he continues to remain a strong influence and mentor to all, serving as the Vice-president of the club.

Wilfred Dsouza

Having followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the company in 1980.
It was in the 2014-15 Season, that the role of general secretary of the club, would be thrusted unto him. He served the club till 2019, and presided over the Club’s 50th anniversary.

Patwin Fizardo

A native of Guirdolim. Patwin Fizardo joined the company in the late 2019 and was employed for the specific reason to head the Club, as they embarked in a new direction.
With a vision and mission, that is to see the club climb back to it’s former glory, while backing the power of Youth, Patwin will hope to draw on his previous association with Guirdolim FC as he attempts to build an ecosystem that will help in player development & Progression.
With performances in the under age groups demonstrating extraordinary results, the club seems to be heading in the right direction.