Dempo Sports Club is delighted to announce, that the club has attained a 100% result in the HSSC 2021 Goa Board Examinations!

With the Club achieving a 100% Pass percentage in the SSC Goa Board Examinations for the last three years running, This was the first time that the Academy had a group of boys eligible for the HSSC Goa Board Examinations.

The same set of Academy Trainees that got the ball running in the initial years after the foundation of the Academy, are now the first batch of trainees to successfully appear & tackle the HSSC Goa Board Examinations – showcasing an Ease & Class everyone at the Club has become accustomed to witnessing over their time at Dempo Sports Club.

From the 7 Residential Academy boys that were eligible for the HSSC Examinations, the Club has managed to score 2 Distinction, 4 Second & 1 First Class rank, with Academy trainee Alrico Cardozo managing to score an 85% Distinction to cap off the magnificent overall results!

Keen to once again appreciate the work that has gone within the organization & all its stakeholders, the Club would like to extend a warm hug to the teaching staff at Dempo College of Arts & Science  & Ms. Rekha D’Silva, both of whom have had huge roles to play in the achievement of these results.

Speaking about the achievement, Mr. Shrinivas Dempo, Chairman of the Dempo Group said: “When the Academy was inaugurated in 2017,I had spoken about my wish to provide the boys with the best in Football & Academics! Education has always been important to the Dempo Group & successfully integrating it into a Sports Academy has given me great happiness & a sense of pride. I would like to congratulate all the Trainees, Parents, Coaching & Teaching Staff for this wonderful achievement & hope to see the boys grow further in the Career of their choice.”