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Football is an Industry

Coaches on the Dempo Youth Development Structure have accepted that football in season is a 7-day week Industry. Like any other Industry we believe it should be given the same time and commitment like any other working environment. The days of coaches being hard workers is now being replaced globally by the modern coach is a smart worker. When one considers the volume of work a Coach has to produce is not only about conducting sessions for two hours, but it takes planning based on objectives for either preparing players or identifying “football problems” reviewed during video analysis that need to be fixed before the next game. Added to that, sessions have to be planned and related to the specific age group, demanding age-criteria objectives and adding doses of the principles of play and the principles of conditioning plus the psychological content. Coaches also have to give consideration to their charges in terms of ability, level and age. A coach needs to ask himself “does his players have the tools” to execute the function, if not accounted for it can be frustrating for both player and coach. Importantly “we” are dealing with human beings who are also products that must be developed to meet the challenges of modern football. Every session must as a rule be evaluated by asking the question, “Did learning take place?”. Within our coaching parameters we have realized it will be a folly to conduct sessions without designed plans revolving around objectives and implemented within the intro, advanced and competitive stages. If we don’t, then we are indeed coaches of social teams and trophy chasers to fuel our own egos and not for players to reach higher performance platforms! Managers and Physios also have their work cut out and play a crucial role in all the Technical Teams. Managers have to ensure that all arrangements outside the field of play be up to scratch at training sessions, match days and Football Association matters. Physio’s need to see to the physical conditioning, field-testing, rehabilitation, designing conditioning sessions related to motor skills and oversee the medical welfare of the players. Their role is to work closely with the Head Coach in order for him and team to be rewarded with on the field success. In essence the industry at Dempo S C for technical members’ typical schedule are to attend technical meetings, discussions and theory workshops, design weekly Micro-Cycles with attached session plans, producing monthly player assessments, reviewing video recordings and developing match analysis. In addition, all technical staff members are required to produce monthly reports that reflect their work for the period. Lest we forget they also have to implement their sessions practically as well as conduct pre and post-match motivational talks. They also contribute at in-house practical workshops. Interestingly, we believe that development is a process but quality of performance will always be our mission, to play the football the legendary Dempo teams had played in the past. It is our overall goal to play attractive crowd pleasing football which enhances the potential, capacity and learning experiences of both the player and coaches. We at Dempo are proud of our roles in ensuring that football is a well-organized industry.

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Karnagaran Naidoo

Technical Director