Youth Development

The Youth Development is made up of three non-residential components, namely the Grassroots, Junior Youth which is the U16 squad and the Senior Youth which focuses on the U/O 18's and the 1st Division Team.

All training programmes are aligned to the Dempo S C Curriculum and LTPD, with the Grassroots Partnerships and the Monthly Community Programmes for u10's to 12's focusing on 'Learning to Train', concepts modelled around all forms of Small Sided Games with ball handling skills as warm-up exercises. Currently with our school partners their weekly Micro - Cycles is a three-hour week, on alternate days of one-hour sessions. Our community programme is scheduled on a monthly basis alternating with North and the South of Goa. Qualified Grassroots Coaches are in charge and responsible for the planning and execution of these sessions. Our partners in the South are Bethany and Perpetual CHS and the North we have relationships with Little Flower of Jesus and St. Theresa's High Schools.

The U16 squad is in the "Training to Compete" phase of their development, which is the consolidating stage of the "Performance Factors", the training regime is increased and the introduction into complex individual, group and team tactics takes centre stage of their growth. The content in respect of the LTPD indicates stabilization of the proficiency and individualization of basic techniques (skills) as well as football technical and tactics under competitive conditions at high intensity. This squad currently competes in the AIFF I-League and the GFA League Competitions and at the time of writing are unbeaten in both competitions.

The players of this squad are on long term contracts with the club providing academic funding and allowances for travel. Their weekly Micro-Cycle is a three day programme during the school terms and extended to 5 to 6 days during the holidays. This is partially due to the fact that majority of players are in Grade 10 with parents requesting time-off for extra classes.

The Senior Youth team are focusing on the "Training to Win" phase which is the last stage of the LTPD and main applications are to ensure the automatization of all techniques and the ability to improvise according to the main moments with ability and skill. However, it is uphill because the players themselves in their development stages were sacrificed due to the importanceof a "winning mentality" against quality of performance.

Currently the squad is engaged on a 5-day Micro-cycle and at times extended to 6 days depending on the school holidays. The players are on Youth Player Contracts with opportunities to make the transition into the 1 st . team. They have currently played 2 games in the GFA Taca U20 competition holding fancied to Goan F C to a goalless draw and were unlucky to go down to Salgaocar 1 nil. The U18 unit is also competing in the AIFF I-League.

In addition to Head Coaches preparing Micro-Cycles they also conduct assessments on the players, keeping in mind that players will have to respond to club commitments and performance enhancement in order to make the progress in accordance to the LTPD.